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Chasing the Pumpkin Carriage

I’ve never had much luck in talking about myself or forming the right first post. How do put what all of this is and who I am in a way that makes sense, sounds inviting, and makes readers invested. That’s what I’m after, after all; readers, kindred spirits, followers, friends…but it’s like this one moment might make or break it all and that’s some heavy thinking for anyone to handle, let alone someone with my mental obstacles.

But, I don’t think I’m alone in this so I reach out to all you who are still intrigued. Please continue on to see if we’re meant for a journey and chase together. I want you all to enjoy yourself and join me on this chase for the pumpkin carriage as we douse ourselves in pink.

About Me

A nearly 30-year-old nerd who, without doubt, was a Hobbit in a previous life. I’m a Hufflepuff to the core with an obsession over anything Disney and Star Wars related. I love fashion but have no sense of it. Owls, moons, stars, and snow are my aesthetics. I could probably be lured into a dark alley with a promise of books, sweet tea, and animals I can pet (please, don’t take advantage).

I have a Masters from the University of Glasgow in Creative Writing with the big dream of making a living from my words. Deep inside of me I have a lot of insecurities and darkness that I want to expel.

Why This Blog

I’ll start off blunt and harsh; I hate myself. I’ve lived with intense insecurities and depression for many years of my life and I know it’s stopped me from experiencing many things. I’m stuck in a corner from my own fear and, quite frankly, I’m done with it.

And I know I am not the only one like this.

I started this blog to help others along with myself in a pursuit for something more in life. From the small changes like finding ways to laugh to the big ones like changing jobs; I want to experience them all and share them with the world to at least take one other by the hand to work together. Want advice? Well, I’m not psychiatrist or therapist (big time Disclaimer on that) but I’m happy to share what I’ve experienced. Afraid to try something? I might just do it myself and share the outcome. Worried about spending money on self-help guides because what are the chances those with work? I’ll review them.

From ranting to notes to challenges to simply talking, I hope to cover it all here. Of course, there will be creative writing pieces—can’t let go of my roots with that.

So, this is a lifestyle blog, a health blog, a happiness blog and a you and me blog.

Why Pink

My favorite color is blue. But I love all colors and truly, I feel there is something soothing, healing, and happy about the color pink. It feels new. It feels like growth. It feels right.

And it matched the precious logo I found through Autumn Lane Paperie. But that doesn’t sound quite as inspiring does it? But, hey, what’s wrong with going for the aesthetic? If it makes you happy, why is a deeper reason necessary? Guess that is my first lesson within the blog: just simply love it.

Why Me

I dunno.

Honestly, I don’t. I love writing and have wanted to pursue a blog for years. I’ve made many attempts in search for my “niche” but it all came out as forced and a stress. No lie, I hope to make a living from this blog and future books, but that isn’t alone for the why.

As stated before, I’m not a therapist of any kind. I’m not brave or super talented with many things. I’m an introverted homebody with social anxieties who rarely dares to do anything. I’m twenty-eight and it feels like I haven’t tried enough and I think I am finally ready to make an attempt with this life I’ve been given.

And maybe my passion for words can reach others who are ready for the same thing and hit them in a way they’d needed. There is no statement that I am perfect for this role, that it will work out, or that it will be enjoyed but it is something I want to try because, well, isn’t that the whole point?

Chasing the Pumpkin Carriage

To me, Cinderella is one of the strongest Disney princesses out there and one I admire. She isn’t given enough credit for chasing her dream when, really, she had the most reason in the world not to. Isolated, abused, and suffering from so much loss that one would think hope would become something foreign to her.

But she is filled with hope, kindness, and a powerful drive to try. Fictional character or not, I have little doubt she has her own mental struggles and fears and days of crippling fear and sadness but she gets up and makes sure she continues to dream and hope and try. She was chasing that magical pumpkin carriage long before it was brought to her and that, to me, is one of the most inspiring things a person can do.

I’m ready to start chasing my own pumpkin carriage and I hope others are eager to try it out as well.

Probably sounds cliché, a little sappy, and a lot Disney-geeky (I did warn you) but again, it just feels right and I want to love it, so I’ll love it. I want to write something passionate and emotional, so I will. I want to reach out to people, help, make a living, and live.

So I’ll try.

Quote of the Post:

“I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles.”

–Audrey Hepburn



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