First Steps; All Purple

Everyone has to start on their self-discovery or path to happiness somewhere. Sometimes it’s little steps and sometimes it’s something a little bigger. For myself, I decided to take steps in becoming a mermaid.

Sort of. If I could pick any mythical creature to become it would be a dragon. I could be heavy and hoard stuff without being self-conscious. Now, that is a topic I need to write about; being a dragon and what type would I be. I have so many thoughts about that. Probably far too many that is “normal” (psh, normal). But, hey, dragons.

Anyway, back to becoming a mermaid. I took a deep breath, ignored my moments of self-doubt, and took the plunge and dyed my hair purple.


I’ve wanted the gorgeous and infamous Mermaid/Unicorn hair for some time. I saw it and just fell in love. But I’m twenty-eight, I’m searching for a job, and I’m painfully self-conscious so why on earth would I ever get something slender teens are doing, that’s unprofessional, and could earn stares?

I can’t tell you why, only that I did it.

And I feel amazing.

Honestly, I can’t remember when I felt remotely close to this last. I never feel amazing about myself. I feel it in concerns about things outside of me: the day, other’s good news, something on YouTube but never about me. For once, I want to go out and show people a part of myself that is mine and fun and, dare I even think it (I actually don’t know) beautiful.

I love the color, I love how different it is, I love how me it makes me feel. I did something I told myself to not do or just wait until life is ready for me to have purple hair: to play it safe. I continued to wait for a job to appear, wait to move to a more Liberal area, and wait until I was told it was ok for me to have it.

But nothing was changing without purple hair. I still have no job, I still haven’t moved, and who was I waiting for to ask anyway? Why would I continue to postpone something that doesn’t hurt anyone and that I wanted to try at least once in my life?

Needless to say, I couldn’t find a good answer for it. So I made the answer yes and that made all the difference.

And now I’m eyeing the hardcore mermaid styles because why not?

I cannot thank my hair dresser Elle Wappes and her company of Lost Artisan Co. for the door she has opened up for me. It was through her that I found so much confidence and found myself feeling proud of something on me. Also, much gratitude for the picture. If you’re in Texas I cannot recommend her enough for her talent and personality. Even if you’re not in Texas, check out her work for inspiration on your future impulse.

Do you have similar thoughts about something you want to try? Why don’t you follow your own impulse?

Quote of the Post:

“Everything you want is out there waiting for you to ask. Everything you want also wants you. But you have to take action to get it.”

–Jules Renard


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