Scotland & Greenery

Let me tell you something.

Scotland is GREEN.

Beautiful, rich, and powerfully green.

There are miniature gardens everywhere you turn your eye. It’s not simply just concrete and brick. Beautiful pops of color are brought in to make you turn your heads. It adds so well to the streets and buildings. And place anything with cobblestones or brick and I will find it in my aesthetic.

The campus and city seemed to build within and amongst the green rather than tried to take over it. There are so many places to enjoy shade or sights of trees. And I saw a distinct difference in how blue the sky looked in comparison to my Texas-city life.


Speaking of taking over…I loved seeing so many trees like this. They sprouted and ruled the land. I saw many like this–in fact almost all of them were like this. Roots taking over the asphalt, the trunk thick and healthy, and the tree towering over all the passers underneath. I was almost always cloaked when I walked to and from campus.

Whenever I went for walks, and I went on a good few, it followed me forever. Trees, brushes, creeks, gorgeous grass…it truly looked like a fairy-tale at most places I turned my head. Even the tennis and sport-courts had something purely natural to them.

And parks galore. It was one of the best places to just meander around to think, or not think, about different things. Everything always felt fresh and clean and comfortable. It was Emerald and jade everywhere.

It was fun. Do you see how vibrant it was here? And yet it was always cool. I was never hot (something I legit cannot stand). It made me beyond words of thrilled to see this everywhere I went.

The views were always something that would take the breath away. I loved how, no matter the angle, there was a capture of trees in the lens.

Then there was the gorgeous garden. It was inviting and so much fun to just walk around their museum of plants.

My friend and I spent hours here. How it was set up was literally built like a museum, rather than a green, in some areas. There was even a set up on items that were poisonous and little homes based on where the plant-life originated from.

Many of these leaves you see were bigger than my head. Some were almost as big as my body. I was amazed and impressed by the sights.

If you ever go to Scotland, you must take a step back and just appreciate the surroundings. It’s a travel well-worth any exhaustion. I cannot wait to go back once more and enjoy the sights once more.

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